Red Light Therapy

Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy in Golden Valley, MN

Red light therapy is often referred to as low-level laser light therapy and phototherapy. It has been proven to help with wound healing, enhanced physical performance, exercise recovery, brain optimization, and pain relief. It also has a positive effect on wrinkles and is often used for its anti aging benefits. Claussen Chiropractic in Golden Valley, MN uses red light therapy for soft tissue injuries, sports performance, and recovery and skin and wellness care.

Understanding Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is non-invasive and drug-free. The red light has the ability to penetrate up to 5mm through the skin, according to Healthline, and can be delivered via a hand-held wand or a lamp-type device with a special therapeutic bulb that emits specific wavelengths of red light in order to treat soft tissue injuries and promote healing on the cellular level.

The therapy accomplishes this by providing the cells with an additional energy source. In each cell, there is an area that has the ability to convert certain types of light into energy. When this happens, the cell experiences an increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is raw cell energy. In addition, it increases circulation in the treated area and helps the cell rid itself of waste products. All of this works together to decrease the healing times of soft tissue injuries.

Health Conditions and Injuries Treated with Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is beneficial in treating a variety of injuries including:

  • Car Accident, Sports, and Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Arthritis and Generalized Joint Pain
  • Skin Problems, Wrinkles, and Anti Aging
  • Sports Performance and Muscle Recovery
  • Brain Optimization

Car Accident, Sports, and Repetitive Motion Injuries

Red light therapy helps with a multitude of soft tissue injuries, including sprains, strains, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner’s knee, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, and whiplash. Red light therapy helps improve circulation while reducing inflammation and stimulating cellular healing. As the injuries begin to heal, it results in drug-free pain relief and improved function of the muscle, tendon, and/or joint.

Arthritis and Generalized Joint Pain

Red light therapy can help reduce generalized joint pain and pain and stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis. It works by reducing inflammation in the tendons and ligaments of the joint. As inflammation is reduced, pain levels decrease, and joint function is restored.

Skin Problems, Wrinkles, and Anti Aging

Red light therapy has a positive effect on the skin. It is known to increase collagen production, which is responsible for the elasticity in the skin as well as skin repair. Red light therapy helps reduce wrinkles, making the skin appear younger.

Red Light Therapy for Enhanced Physical Performance, and Muscle Recovery

According to a study posted at NCBI, when red light therapy is used prior to physical activity, like exercising and playing professional and amateur sports, it helps improve muscle contractile function while reducing the amount of muscle damage caused by the activity. This can result in less muscle pain and soreness after the exercise. When red light therapy is utilized after physical activities, it helps promote muscle recovery by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and helping the muscles release lactic acid.

Red Light Therapy for Brain Optimization

Red light therapy may also have a positive effect on the brain. When the red light is shone on the scalp, it penetrates through the skin and increases circulation in the brain, according to Science Daily. This, in turn, can help repair the mitochondria in the brain, which are essential for cell function because they break down carbohydrates and fatty acids, turning them into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When cellular energy is increased in the brain, it has been known to help improving thinking and cognitive function.To learn more about red light therapy and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Claussen, our chiropractor in Golden Valley, MN, call us at 952-473-3336. Red Light Therapy is usually combined with natural, gentle and safe chiropractic care


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